Project: DemoGraphix Media

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  • Web Design

  • UX/CX

  • SEO

  • Content Strategy

  • Marketing


Assignment was to create a brand new website for DemoGraphix Media that effectively communicated their value proposition and expertise in targeted direct mail campaigns.


The prior website lacked a clear and engaging user experience. The information architecture was cluttered, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed. Additionally, the visual design did not effectively showcase DemoGraphix Media’s services and brand identity.


  • User-Centered Design: A user-centered approach was implemented through research and analysis. This ensured the website catered to the needs of potential clients, offering a clear and intuitive navigation structure.
  • Compelling Visual Storytelling: High-quality visuals were incorporated to showcase the effectiveness of targeted direct mail. These visuals included impactful images and graphics that demonstrate the power of DemoGraphix Media’s “Smart Cards” approach.
  • Strategic Content Curation: Concise and targeted content was developed to highlight DemoGraphix Media’s services. This included a clear explanation of their data-driven marketing strategies and the benefits of direct mail campaigns.
  • Prominent Calls to Action: Clear CTAs were strategically placed throughout the homepage, encouraging visitors to take the next step and connect with DemoGraphix Media. These CTAs offered options for requesting a free quote, scheduling a consultation, or simply learning more.
  • Building Trust and Credibility: The homepage strategically showcased social proof elements like logos of satisfied clients and positive testimonials. This instilled trust and highlighted DemoGraphix Media’s expertise within the industry.



The new DemoGraphix Media website provides a user-friendly and visually appealing experience that effectively communicates their value proposition.

Improved User Experience: The clear navigation and information architecture allows visitors to easily find the desired information.

Increased Engagement: Compelling visuals and targeted content create a more engaging experience for potential clients.

Enhanced Lead Generation: Strategic CTAs encourage visitors to connect with DemoGraphix Media, fostering new business opportunities.

Strengthened Brand Identity: The modern design and messaging effectively represent DemoGraphix Media’s brand and expertise.


By employing a user-centered design approach, compelling visuals, and strategic content, the new DemoGraphix Media website empowers them to connect with potential clients and achieve their marketing goals in the targeted direct mail space.